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Trucks Aluminum Radiator truss three aspects of knowledge show
- 2021-06-12 -

Trucks Aluminum Radiator

According to the overall structure of the Wuxi shelf is welded or assembled, can be divided into:
1, welded Wuxi shelf
2, assembly type Wuxi shelf. At present, most of the domestic use of assembled shelves
According to the connection of the Wuxi shelf system and the warehouse building structure, it can be divided into:
1. The frame is made up of shelves. The shelves and the roof of the building form an integral whole, which is directly supported by the upright post on the shelf, and the structure of the building envelope is installed on both sides of the column
2, the separation of the structure of the shelf system and the building for the two separate systems, there is no direct connection between each other
According to the carrying capacity of each layer of the Wuxi shelf, can be roughly divided into:
1, light shelves: each layer is not more than 200kg.
2, medium-sized shelves: each layer of the load of 200-500kg.
3, heavy shelves: each layer of the weight of more than 500kg

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