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The stage of the glass stage is tempered glass, or organic glass? How thick is it?
- 2019-07-30 -

n many of the current industry inside, Wuxi shelf has slowly entered the climax stage. Perhaps in the near future, it will become a leader in the industry. But the obvious advantage of the Wuxi shelf industry is likely to be a key concern for users.
is the first point of the market needs of the volume of Wuxi continues to rise. That is, along with the overall rise of the inland economy, the logistics industry is growing rapidly, Wuxi shelf goods market needs to continue to increase. The industry is becoming more and more broad on the shelf. For example, some of the inherent industry, the need to remain stable upgrade; in addition to these, new materials, food, frozen ice storage industry, such as the need for a large increase in the shelf, in the last two years, the rise of the shelf industry. It is for this reason that the shelf industry has created a huge growth area.
second is the expansion of foreign trade business. Over the years, the number of Wuxi exports to maintain a relatively rapid rise. Since the price of domestic goods a little, pay the cost of safety, quality and reliable, and many other reasons, many foreign customers on the mainland of the Wuxi shelf has been loved.

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